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Product was given complimentary for testing and review purposes however the content and opinions expressed here are my own. #Savorthesuccess




In case you haven’t heard, I am a planner girl which means that I use a traditional paper planner to manage my day to day activities, tasks, etc. I started blogging and using a planner around the same time a little over two years ago. It’s been a bit of a journey trying to figure out the best method to help me manage my blog. In the past two years, I have tried three different planners strictly for blogging but somehow I always end up going back to using just one. Then I realize that I don’t have enough space in one so I go back to two. #thestruggle


With that said, I came across the Daily Action Planner by Savor the Success. I was so excited when I was given the opportunity to try the daily action planner to see if it would in fact help me manage my blog. I selected the 30 day action planner in a pretty coral color and I immediately started using it at the beginning of last month. The planner has a different set up than any other planner that I have seen or used thus far. It is the perfect size to throw in my work bag with my personal planner.


The planner consists of:

A Monthly Calendar (See Instagram Post above)

Weekly Brain dump area

Weekly Breakdown (Morning, Afternoon & Night)

Notes pages

Daily Pages separated into multiple sections








The Daily Action Planner is perfect for aspiring #Girlbosses who either blog full time or own small businesses and it is awesome for students. On the daily page, there is a small section on the bottom that you can write tasks down in schedule format. The weekly pilot plan page is perfect if you are working on a group project especially if you need to delegate specific tasks to others and the same applies if you have a business with a small staff that you could delegate certain tasks to on a weekly basis.



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My Experience Using the Planner

My blog is my part time gig so to speak as I do have a full time job outside of the home so I only blog at night after work and on weekends. Some nights, I am so exhausted that blogging just doesn’t happen. I used the weekly brain dump areas to jot down all of my ideas and tasks that I wanted to accomplish for the week which was a good way to hold myself accountable in getting some blogging done.

I tried consistently for a couple of weeks to use the daily pages. I wrote down a minimum of two or three things that I know I could get done every single day even if they were just reminders to check my emails, respond to comments and making sure to post on social media. As I mentioned before, the planner has a specific column that allows you to move a task to a delegate column however my blog is a one woman show so unfortunately most tasks were moved to the next day or even the following week. 


Final thoughts

Overall this is an amazing planner for full time bloggers, small business owners or students. I just wished I had the time to use it a little bit more but rest assured if I had the time, you can bet that this planner would be jam packed with post it notes, etc. and would be busting out of its coils. Just like everything else in life whether it’s beauty or clothing or in this case planners, everyone’s needs and experiences vary and I would still very much recommend this planner to anyone who is looking for a strict, detailed planner to help them manage their tasks and priorities.


So my fellow aspiring #Girlbosses, what did you think? Is this a planner that you would purchase for yourself? Let me know in the comments below.







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