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Happy Monday! I’m sitting on my couch, watching the first season of Switched at Birth on Netflix and I decided to do a quick blog post. If you are a blogger or a dedicated blog follower, you probably saw the The Personal Tag that has been floating around Twitter. In the two years that I have blogging, I have seen numerous tags circulating around the blogging community. I love reading these posts because it’s a really cool way to learn new things about my favorite bloggers. I was tagged by Anne of Rooting Branches. Thank you for tagging me Anne! Today I am going to answer the 11 questions that she has prepared.




It is a tag consisting of eleven questions that were asked by a blogger that tagged her and then a new set of questions are created for the eleven bloggers that are tagged next. Does that make sense? I’ll put the rules towards the end of the post so you can check them out for yourself. If you are only interested in answering the questions that you were tagged in, you can find them down below. Super simple right? You don’t have to tag anyone else if you choose not to. Have fun!




1. What are your favorite type of blog posts to read?

Lifestyle posts! I feel that I can relate more to those as it’s always interesting to hear what others do in their spare time, their likes, dislikes, etc. I like a day in my life posts and posts such as these “get to know me” because I always find I can relate to so many people who share the same interests.


2. Which social media platform do you prefer? Why?

SNAPCHAT! LOL Let’s just say that I let my guard down more on Snapchat and I love sharing my silly side with others.  If you’re not following me, you can find me here.


3. What’s your choice of cheat food?



4. What is the most important thing a person can do to improve themselves?

Always be genuine! That’s a rare thing to find these days but you can tell when someone is genuine.


5. How would you define your style in 5 words?

Simple cute casual yet trendy


6. What was one of the best days of your life?

The day my son was born. He will be 16 in a few months.


7. What skill or craft would you like to master?

I’d love to learn how to cook on the grill. Yes, I am clueless at it as I am always afraid I am going to burn the food.


8. What are your biggest likes and dislikes of the blogging community?

Likes: The amazing women that I have become blogging friends with. I have received the most support from those I’ve never met vs. from many people I’ve known personally.

Dislikes: Bloggers who brag. My opinion is that everyone started out the same. While it’s possible to obtain opportunities more often and sooner than others, be thankful for the support people show you but be mindful that it is just as important to reciprocate that support. If you fail to show support to others yourself, you will lose readers and a sense of authenticity.


9. Is there anything that you hoard?

Coffee themed shirts and hats. I have a ton of shirts and coffee mugs that say something about coffee and my addiction (love for it)!


10. What makes a person beautiful?

Their personality and their self-confidence.


11. What keeps you blogging?

While it isn’t easy sometimes, I enjoy putting my thoughts into words and sharing them with others. I enjoy interacting with my blogging friends everyday via my blog, social media and sometimes even via text.


Okay that wraps up my turn, now it’s your turn! 



  1. Answer the 11 questions that were asked by the person who tagged you.
  2. Create a new round of questions for the people you tag.
  3. You can tag whomever you’d like or you can choose to tag bloggers with a small following to help them gain more exposure.



Melissa | Primp & Prime Beauty

Marielli | Sweet Sour Makeup

Carrie De | Carrie De Blog


Your Questions:

1. Why did you start blogging?

2. If you had to choose only one social media platform to promote your blog, which one would you choose?

3. What has been your biggest blogging accomplishment thus far?

4. Who is your favorite You Tube beauty guru to watch?

5. Describe your blogging style.

6. What is one goal that you want to accomplish this year? (non-blog related)

7. What is your favorite blog post that you’ve written this year so far?

8. Coffee or tea?

9. What is your favorite show to watch on Netflix?

10. How do you manage your blog? Digital calendar or paper planner?

11. What are you most thankful for in the blogging community?


I can’t wait to read your responses so don’t forget to tag me on Twitter when you post a link to your post.


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