Seriously like how is it already May? Insert Justin Timberlake infamous meme here lol! Today I am going to be sharing my goals for the month of May. As always, a new month means a fresh start to accomplishing new goals and more time to continue working on the ones that needed some extra work. The weather is finally getting a little better here but it would nice if it could just consistently be sunny and warm. I’ve officially put away my winter clothes and brought out just a few things to start off but I always love swapping out my clothes because it feels like you have new things to wear, different outfits to put together, etc. I also found a few shirts that I purchased late last summer which I didn’t get much use of.




New Blog Series //  We’re quickly approaching the finale of my blog series Bloggers Plan Too. I am so happy with the feedback that I have received so far. Everyone seems to love tuning in each week to see who the featured blogger/planner is and to learn more about them, their blogs and style of planning. If you missed the Introduction post, make sure to check out my quick intro video followed by the links for ten weeks of the series thus far. If you aren’t Subscribed yet, make sure that you do so you will always be notified of new posts. There are three more posts to come and one of which is my second surprise guest that I hinted about at the beginning of the series so make sure to stay tuned for that post!

Instagram Stories // As I mentioned before, I have been more active in posting on IG Stories. I always try to make a conscious effort to post different things on IG than I do on Snapchat. If you’re not following me on IG already, head on over and hit that Follow button.

Email Subscribers //  Yet another task that I continue to work on each month. I have however finally created and sent out my very first TIL Insider Newsletter (TIL – The Innovative Latina). If you would like to become a TIL Insider and receive future newsletters, make sure to Subscribe to my blog so you can be added to my email list. *NOTE: If you do subscribe, please be sure to double check your email inbox as you will need to confirm your email subscription.

Sponsorships // A new month is a new chance to Sponsor me so that I can advertise for your blog/business. In addition to talking about your business here on my blog, I will also broadcast your posts / website on Twitter, Instagram and mentions on my Snapchat. If you are interested, you can visit my page for more information. If you have any further questions, you can send me an email so that we discuss your options.



Planner of the month // Ok I’m going to keep it real! As much as I love my mini happy planner, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t the least bit tempted to get the new marble Happy Planner from Hobby Lobby! To check out this beauty for yourself, click here to read a review written by XoXoKaymo who also happens to be planner fanatic! There are two reasons why I have held out on running to get it: 1. It’s the larger size planner and I already know that doesn’t work for me & 2: I am determined to not break my NO SPEND marathon. Ugh! My planner girls understand the struggle! Also by the way, if you are new to my blog, I have a page dedicated to planner layouts and you can check that out here.

Fitness // I have been going back to the gym at least once a week and I was finally able to go walking the last two weekends at our local beach walk/cycle trail. Speaking of cycling, after almost three years I am proud yet nervous to say that I will finally be getting back on my bike. I am not entering anymore events but I will be just cycling along the bike path a couple of times which equals approximately eight miles and that would be awesome.

Finances // Once again, I have successfully completed my fourth consecutive NO SPEND month. Cheers to that! Trust me when I say that it’s not as hard as many people may think. It takes a lot of willpower but it can be done. For those of you who may have missed the disclaimer in my last goals post, my NO SPEND consists of not spending any money on planner stuff, stationary of any kind and staying away from the Target Dollar Spot area.

Cook More / eat out less // Still going strong with this one! I deserve an award lol


Well that wraps up my goals for the new month and now it is my turn to ask you what your goals are for the new month. Do you have any goals that you weren’t able to accomplish last month but will continue to work on moving forward?



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