Welcome to BLOGGERS PLAN TOO: A Mini Series

Hello everyone! TGIF & Welcome to my new blog mini series: Bloggers Plan Too! I wanted to create a super quick impromptu video introduction which explains exactly why I wanted to do this series.



I invited 13 beautiful and sweet bloggers to join in on the fun by participating in a quick short interview which consisted of questions about both blogging and planning.  Many of these women have been with me since the beginning of my blogging and planning journey and some I have connected with via other bloggers. I love being a part of both communities and I am so thankful to have “virtually” met these awesome ladies!

Let’s get started shall we?

Beatriz | Anali | Melissa | Yesi | Pascha | Connie |
| Ce Ce | Carissa | Amber | Iliana | Inez | Belinda


I hope that you tune in every Friday starting to see the featured Blogger/Planner Girl of the Week including two surprise guests coming soon. Make sure to show your love to these amazing ladies and Cheers to making new blogging and planning friends!

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