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Happy Tuesday! I can bet that you have noticed the tag “20 Facts About Me” making it’s way around Instagram. I was tagged by a couple of awesome ladies so I figured I’d join in on the fun. It has been a while since I shared some random facts about myself and let me tell you that it’s not as easy as you may think. I had to stop several times because I realized that I had already shared a few of the things that I had in mind and the whole point was to share different things. I did the tag on Instagram last week and I thought that it would be cool to share it here on the blog too.

Here it goes!

  1. My middle name is Luz (means light in Spanish) it’s my Grandmother’s middle name too.
  2. I have one 15 (almost 16) yr old son named Manny. He’s about 5’ 9” now and probably still growing.
  3. When Manny and I hang out together, I have to make sure I’m dressed accordingly otherwise people will think I’m his sister. No bueno!
  4. I turned 40 last September and I am still coming to terms with it. My parents and Grandmother came from Florida to celebrate with me and it was exactly as I imagined it. We had a wonderful time as always.
  5. I love the bloomin’ onion from Outback. (I might have shared this fact before but that just goes to show how much I love it)
  6. I love to be home just relaxing watching tv, blogging, etc.
  7. I was held up at gunpoint while working at a bank 20 yrs ago. It was definitely traumatizing for sure and since then I always try to be even more conscious of my surroundings.
  8. I have both a younger brother & sister named Ryan & Sasha.
  9. I am the 1st of 12 grandchildren. I guess it prepared me for motherhood because thankfully I learned how to feed, hold them and change their pampers.
  10. I know how to drive stick shift but so happy that I don’t have to anymore. *Always a good skill to have.
  11. I used to hate wearing glasses when I was younger and now I can’t be without them.
  12. I hate ground meat! The texture ugh I just can’t. I don’t eat beef regardless and while I love chicken, I just couldn’t eat ground chicken or turkey.
  13. The only seafood I eat is fried calamari with marinara sauce otherwise it’s not happening.
  14. Listening to people chew makes me wanna have a drink and I cannot be next to someone eating cereal.
  15. I didn’t get my license until I was 19 almost 20. I just wasn’t in a rush at all and my grandpa drove me everywhere. 
  16. FYI – It took me three tries to pass the actual drivers test. Let’s just say that the employees at the DMV knew my Grandpa’s name by heart LOL
  17. I didn’t start eating meat until I was 12-13 yrs old. I lived on french fries, lipton soup and rice without beans.
  18. I’ve been living in CT for 20 yrs straight which is a first since I always bounced back /forth between here and Florida but I was born here.
  19. I get super annoyed at the grocery store when my stuff is bagged by someone else. I like to keep the stuff like I had it on the belt. My son used to come with me and bag the groceries himself because he knew exactly how to do it. I guess they don’t teach bagging 101 anymore.
  20. I am not into sports at all so please forgive me when I tune out if you start talking about anything sports related.

Here’s a bonus fun fact: I didn’t start eating platanos (plantains) until about seven years ago! I learned how to make tostones and maduros but never tried them until one day while I was cooking, I took a bite of one and the rest is history. I love them!

If you missed the original post on Instagram, I am so happy that you tuned in today and I hope that you enjoyed learning some new things about me. If you are new to my blog, you can catch up on my other Get To Know Me posts (links below).

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  1. Mom
    April 18, 2017 / 5:04 PM

    Mitzi, sorry it took so long to read your latest blog. I love it, great job on the timeline and fun facts about you, I can barely remember yesterday. One fact about me, I love you dearly and I’m so proud of you and your blog. You are so talented and I love reading your blog.

    Miss you,

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