Happy Bloggerplanaversary

TGIF and Happy Two Year Bloggerplanaversary to me! That’s right, I just put those three words together to celebrate this special occasion. In January 2015, I decided that it was time to start my blog. I always knew that I wanted to blog but I never really had the time to truly devote to it when my son was younger. I started doing some research on Pinterest and here we are today.

Of course, for those of you who have been with me from the very beginning know that it has been quite the journey from when Café Lovin’ Mamacita was created, and the story as to why it changed to The Bloggin’ Mamacita (thanks to a web hosting error that lost my domain name) and re-branding to the Innovative Latina.

Either way, it has been a great two years. I am so thankful that I created an Instagram account dedicated to my blog as it has allowed me to interact with so many amazing women in the blogging community. I am so fortunate to have the privilege of being able to call many of them my friends. I look forward to reading their blogs every day and each of them offer their own sense of inspiration to me which is super important when I need extra motivation at times.

As I’ve said in other blog posts, blogging is not an easy thing to do. There have been plenty of times when I wanted to just quit because of everything that was involved. I enjoy blogging as a creative outlet however when it started to feel like a second job, I knew that I needed to take a break or two or even three. Last year around this time, I decided to ditch the blogging schedule and only write when the I felt the inspiration and/or when I wanted to share something specific with you.

As far as planning goes, most of you already know my story as to how I started using a planner in the first place. It was because of this video right here, that peaked my interest so much so that I paused the video once I knew that Michele had included a referral link in the description box so that I could get $10 off my first planner. I ordered it within 5 minutes and then I pressed play which allowed her to continue to convince me as to why I needed to jump on this bandwagon. At that point, I was a subscriber of hers for seven years and another cool thing about her is that she is also a blogger so she serves as double the motivation to me! So thank you Michele!

Here we are two years later, and I have a page here on my blog dedicated to all things planner related! Once again thanks to Instagram, I have also met so many awesome and genuinely sweet planner girls! I love looking at everyone’s layouts, watching them share how they create their own “hacks” to personalize their planners and so much more. Don’t get me started on the massive amount of enabling that occurs either! I plead the 5th as to whether I did any enabling myself but you know that I did! FYI – I am cracking up as I write this.

To celebrate my Two Year Bloggerplanaversary, I am currently finalizing the details on a miniseries that I have created which will be featured on my blog very soon so make sure to stay tuned!


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