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Happy 4th of July and Welcome back to Cafe de las Tres!

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It has been a little over a month since I asked you all on Instagram if I should bring back my Cafe de las Tres series. I was so happy when my amazing followers responded quickly stating that YES I definitely should bring it back. So here we are and I know it has been a few weeks since I last blogged but life just got really busy and I needed to take a small break however I’m slowly getting back into it!


Where have I been?

Work has been absolutely nuts as the financial aspect of my job has been super busy wrapping up year-end reports. I have been absolutely exhausted lately which is why I haven’t posted much on IG and Snapchat. To be perfectly honest, when I get home from work the last thing I wanna do is sit in front of the computer again. I check social media again a couple of times during the evening, unwind for a few then turn off my phone and read until I fall asleep. Some nights, my son has found me asleep on the couch before 8pm.

We have also been super busy as my son was working super hard to finish his sophomore year of high school and I am proud to say that I am a mom of a soon to be junior! Where has the time gone?

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Currently reading

I started reading Leah Remini’s book Troublemaker and it is so good. I love her! I’ll let you know my final thoughts when I finish the book.


Currently watching

I finished watching the new season of Orange is the New Black and Bloodline (friendly tip about Bloodline: I’ll spare you the details but basically it was a huge waste of my time watching three seasons). I have a question for you. If you are an OITNB fan, what did you think of this season? I wasn’t too crazy about last season but this one was pretty good but now we have to wait another year for the next season. I am halfway through watching The Foster’s which is a family series that explores all of today’s issues that we all hear about and experience everyday.


Currently listening to

I am still getting used to finally being able to listen to the music from my phone in my car and these are just a few of the songs that I have been listening to lately. Thanks to my sweet friend Anali for the recommendation on the reggaeton cover of Selena’s “Si Una Vez” (If I Once) because it’s still on repeat! You can click here if you want to listen to my Spotify playlist.






Newsletter & Email Subscribers // A couple of months ago, I sent out my first newsletter. It has been one of my goals since the beginning of the year. I was hesitant at first as I only have twenty email subscribers at this time however I decided to do it anyway based on the advice of another amazing blogger Helene Sula. She stated that it doesn’t matter if I have one or 10 subscribers, just do it. Thanks Helene!

If you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter yet, you can become a TIL Insider by clicking here. (TIL – The Innovative Latina) *NOTE: If you do subscribe, please be sure to double-check your email inbox as you will need to confirm your email subscription.

As many of you may notice, this goal in particular is always included in my monthly goals posts because it can be a constant struggle to find new ways to encourage my readers to subscribe. As always, I will continue to promote it as much as possible.


Guest Posting // As I stated last month, I would love to have other amazing bloggers guest post on my blog. If you are new to my blog, I consider myself a lifestyle blogger because I like to write about a variety of topics. If you are a blogger and would like to brainstorm some guest post ideas, click here to contact me so that we can chat further.


Increase Instagram following & Post More // Instagram is my biggest following therefore it still quite frustrating that my posts are not getting viewed as much as they used to. I am not saying that I used to get thousands of likes but my engagement has decreased drastically as my posts are not showing up in my follower’s feeds as often anymore. I have no interest in seeing posts in my feed from one to four days ago and I know others feel the same way. I still see other bloggers getting highly upset and even more so discouraged. To be honest, even though I have been busy, this is one of the reasons that I haven’t posted a picture in almost a month!

I know that I shouldn’t let this technicality get to me but I work really hard to post great content and to engage and interact with my followers. I am missing out on that because of this stupid algorithm. If you’re not following me on IG already, you can head on over and hit that Follow button.


Sponsorships // If you have been blogging for a while or just starting out and/or an aspiring #Girlboss, I’d love the opportunity to advertise for you here on my blog. I offer a variety of sponsorship options which will allow me to broadcast your website here on my blog, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. If you are interested, you can visit my page for more information.



Planner of the month // I am still using the Erin Condren that I purchased at Staples (thanks to my Ibotta rewards which you can read more about below). The horizontal layout planner is a much better choice for me this time around. I have a page dedicated to planner layouts where I occasionally post pics of my layouts of the week. I also used the Daily Action Planner to manage blog ideas, tasks and to do lists so make sure to stay tuned as I will be doing a full review of that planner very soon. 

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Fitness // I haven’t been going to the gym as much as I’d like. I made a promise to myself that I will go more as I like to consider that as “my time” to decompress and relieve stress. I will definitely be walking more too. Regarding the whole bike thing, yeah that hasn’t happened yet. I haven’t been able to find the color straps that I want to do my handlebars so that has been a major stall factor.  No bueno, I know! I want to get some miles in before the summer is over lol! 

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Finances // I deserve an award because I am still going strong with this one. I just completed my sixth consecutive NO SPEND month. *Disclaimer: My no spend started right before the new year began and it consists of not spending money on planners, stationery, planner accessories, etc.

Note: As I mentioned earlier and in previous posts, the Ibotta app is awesome if you want to earn money back on your everyday grocery purchases. Tip: Check out the weekly rebates before you head out to the grocery store and save them by clicking on the + sign next to each item. Some of the rebates are super specific as to what you need to buy (sizes, etc.) so make sure to pay extra attention to that when buying the items at the store.

When you get home, take a photo of your receipt, choose the items that you purchased based on what is eligible to earn money on and scan a few bar codes. That’s it! If you are interested in signing up for Ibotta, you can click here to sign up with my referral code and start earning money back today. Once you have earned $20, you can have the money direct deposited into your PayPal account or you can redeem with gift cards to your favorite stores. 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post nor am I affiliated with the app. I just really like the app as I have made over $50 so far so I use this as fun money (pedicure, iced lattes, etc.)


Cook More / eat out less // I slacked off a little as it started to get hotter outside as I do not have central air conditioning in my house therefore it was much too hot and uncomfortable to be in front of the stove and oven. I know, excuses excuses but let’s keep it real! I know I am not the only one. For the next few weeks, I will get back on my grind by planning to prepare some meals in advance to prevent me from wanting to eat out.

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Well that wraps up my goals for the new month and now it is my turn to ask you what your goals are for the new month. Do you have any goals that you weren’t able to accomplish last month but will continue to work on moving forward?









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