Café de las Tres – Vol 5 – Planner Talk

Happy Tuesday! Today’s topic for Café de las Tres is titled Planner Talk. I feel like I haven’t talked about my planner and/or posted any pictures of my current planner set up on Instagram in quite some time. I have been using the planner from the Recollections line at Michael’s since I purchased it and I realized that I never did a review about it. I thought that my coffee loving planner amigas would enjoy this post.

Let me start by telling you just how much I love the color. Unfortunately the color doesn’t come across in photos as true as it looks in person. I purchased this planner several months ago and I didn’t actually need another planner however for the price, I couldn’t resist. The planner itself retails for $19.99 however I had two coupons (50% off one single item and 20% your purchase) and the cashier allowed me to use both. How could I not purchase it right?

I took some photos as soon as I purchased the planner before I started to personalize it and move my stuff over from my Filofax. Note: The planner itself does not come with monthly/weekly inserts. I had the option to purchase them separately however because I wanted to keep my current planner set up, I passed on buying them. I have not been to Michael’s since I purchased the planner therefore I am not certain if they still carry them and/or if they currently have any in stock.

I am very pleased with the quality of this planner. The rings are tight and snap open very easily. I love the pockets on the left and the durability of the dividers. I usually make my own laminated dividers when I set up my planners however I didn’t feel the need to with this one. I had custom dividers in my Filofax however I got bored of them.

I currently have June – December inserts in it now (both monthly & weekly inserts). When I was using my Filofax, I had individual sections for the calendar, blog planning, fitness, finances, and miscellaneous however I decided to combine all of the sections into two main sections just to make everything more streamlined.

I think that it is awesome that Michael’s decided to jump on the bandwagon and create their own line of affordable and great quality planners. If the planners are still available at your local Michael’s, I would highly recommend this planner if you would like to start using one for the first time. I visited their website and the black one is either on sale or they have lowered the price to $11.99. The Happy Planner is another great cost effective option however it is larger than a personal ring sized planner. It all depends on your personal preference.

Well that wraps up today’s planner talk edition of Café de las Tres. I hope that you have all enjoyed this review of the Recollections planner. Make sure that you subscribe to my blog for future posts. I do plan to film a video of my actual current planner set up and post it on my You Tube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe so that you will always know when a new video is posted.

Do you have this planner? What are your thoughts about it?

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