Café de las Tres Vol 6 – What’s in my Bag?

Hi everyone! It’s already time for another edition of Café de las Tres and today I am going to be sharing what I carry in my handbag on a daily basis. When I first started watching You Tube videos about eight years ago, I loved and still do love watching these types of videos. I always wonder what other women carry in their handbags/purses. On the weekends, I usually only carry my wallet which is a wristlet or I will put my wristlet inside of a smaller handbag. During the workweek, I prefer to use a book bag or a tote to carry everything that I need.

Last November, I did a blog post about what I was currently carrying in my handbag and you should see just how much stuff I carried around everyday. The bag started getting too heavy for me to carry on a daily basis and I realized that maybe I didn’t need to carry so much stuff all the time. For Christmas, I treated myself to a really nice Michael Kors handbag and that forced me to only carry the bare necessities however it had to have enough room for my planner. I switch between handbags frequently however I did use that one for about four months and I went back to using a tote bag for a while.

I can’t believe that it has been almost a year since then, so I wanted to actually film it this time so here it is. A special thank you to my son for helping me over the weekend because even though I used my phone to record, it is still quite a task to set up the tripod and make sure that the lighting is good, etc. I must say that even though I do not have all of fancy video equipment, I have to give my favorite You Tube gurus a ton of credit because it is a lot of work.  So grab your cup of coffee and enjoy.

So what did you think? Do you carry a lot of things in your handbag or just the necessities? What is your most essential item (besides your wallet of course)? Let me know in the comments below.

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