Bloggers Plan Too – Vol. 2: Meet ANALI



My name is Anali Martinez and I am the founder and creator of The Nueva Latina, a lifestyle blog about my life as a Latina raised in the United States. I live in Round Rock with my fiancé and my pup. By day I am a civil engineer at MWM DesignGroup in north Austin. I love to run, workout, read, and write. My family is the most important to me and I love hanging out with them every chance I get. I am a #PlannerGirl and a Kate Spade addict.

Blog Name: The Nueva Latina

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1. When did you start blogging and what made you want to start?

I started blogging in the Fall of 2009. I was going through a breakup and wanted to tell someone about it that didn’t really know me or my ex. I started an anonymous blog called Confessions of a Serial Dater on Blogger. After that, I was hooked. I didn’t make my blog public until April 2015 when I decided to change my blog to The Nueva Latina.

2. When did you first start using a paper planner?

I have always used a paper planner since middle school. When I was about 7 or 8, I found a filofax at the park. We didn’t exactly have a way of contacting the person back then without having an address or telephone number so I just kind of kept it. I was so intrigued by it because this person had every event and appointment scheduled to a T. After that, I kind of became a planner addict. It wasn’t until the summer of 2015 that I discovered Erin Condren and this whole “planner community” through Instagram.

3. What planner are you using for the new year?

This year, I made the switch to The Day Designer. I like to say I graduated to this new planner because I needed something more time specific with more writing space with all the things going on at this point in my life.

4. How many planners do you own?

I own own about 4. I have a Webster’s Pages, a Kikki K, a Kate Spade Wesley, and The Day Designer.

5. If more than one, what do you use each one for?

Webster’s Pages – I don’t really have a use for it at the moment.
Kikki K – Workout Planner
Kate Spade Wesley – I switch between this one and whichever “big” planner I have at the moment when I don’t as much going on.
The Day Designer – Work, blog, and life.

6. What is your favorite pen to write with?

I have Poppin desk accessories and I LOVE their pens. They match my desk accessories, but they also write REALLY well.

7. Do you have a planning routine? If so, please share.

I usually plan the next day at the end of the current day before I go to bed. I look at my calendar, Facebook events, Facebook messages, and Text Messages to make sure I have all the events down for the week. I also add as I go since I plan out what I do at work on my planner too.

8. Favorite store to shop for planner goodies?

Michael’s. Coupons on coupons on coupons!

9. Any recommendations / advice for someone who is just starting out in the planner community?

Make sure to find the planner that is right for YOU! Don’t just buy or use a planner because your friend or your favorite blogger does. At the end of the day, your planner is there to benefit YOU and your lifestyle.

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